Services for Owners and Committees


We provide a range of services to owners and body corporates. Whilst our contract details specific duties such as those below, in practice we provide much more.

We are usually the first port of call for questions from owners, from discussing levy payment options to understanding body corporate vs owner responsibility in relation to maintenance or insurance. Our committees also take advantage of our experience and knowledge to explore options for a variety of different issues, including by-law enforcement, financing maintenance or repairs and meeting operations. There is often more than one way to achieve an outcome, and the legislation does not make it easy to see all of the options. Our experience can help. 

We are also happy to discuss how we can tailor our service to suit your particular complex. Contact us to discuss the various ways we can assist you. Any owner is free to contact us to discuss our service, you do not have to be on the committee. There is no harm in asking for information, the worst case scenario is you have spent 15 minutes on the phone. 


- Maintain the records, including rolls and registers
- Make the records available for inspection
- Call for nominations for the positions of the Body Corporate Committee
- Convene and attend the Annual General Meetings, Committee Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
- Prepare and distribute meeting notices and minutes
- Provide boardroom facilities (if required)
- Answer communications and correspondence on behalf of the Body Corporate
- Maintain custody over the common seal
- Prepare Disclosure Statements on behalf of owners

- Prepare Information Certificates on behalf of the body corporate


- Prepare annual administrative and sinking fund budgets
- Prepare financial accounts
- Prepare the Annual Statement of Accounts to be presented to an auditor where an audit is requested
- Open, maintain and operate a bank account for the administration and sinking funds
- Maintain electronic ledgers
- Daily bank reconciliations
- Issue levy and other contribution notices
- Receipt levies
- Issue Notices of Overdue Levies where required
- Pay accounts 


- Obtain quotations and ensure proper and adequate insurances are effected, including:
           * Building
           * Contents
           * Public Liability
           * Office bearers
           * Fidelity Guarantee
           * Machinery Breakdown
- Implement decisions of the Body Corporate and the Committee
- Assist with the implementation of the By-Laws
- Provide advice in relation to the building's maintenance and other general matters
- Facilitate the required quotations for:
           * Sinking Fund Forecasts
           * Insurance Valuations
           * Workplace Health and Safety Audits
- Provide advice and support to the committee in relation to any disputes 
- Preparation and lodgement of the Business Activity Statements and Tax Returns
- Provide support to the Body Corporate in regards to any legal action 
- Levy recovery action