FAQ - Body Corporate Overview

A body corporate is a legal entity created when there are two or more lots registered with common property. It exists by virtue of the plan creating the lots and common property being registered at the titles office.


The Body Corporate consists of the owners of lots in the scheme or complex. Every owner of a lot in the scheme is automatically a member of the Body Corporate – you cannot choose to “opt out”.

FAQ - Body Corporate Manager

The Body Corporate Manager is a point of contact for all owners for any body corporate related matters. If you have any questions, or would just like to run through some general information, please do not hesitate to contact your body corporate manager at Precision Body Corporate. We are happy to discuss any issue with you.



  • Generally performs the functions of the secretary and treasurer

  • Gives general advice to owners and committee

  • Acts on instructions of the committee

  • Issues levy notices on behalf of the committee

  • Pays body corporate invoices as directed by the Committee

  • Obtains quotes for renewal of insurance

  • Maintains the records of the Body Corporate



  • Hold the positions of secretary and treasurer, and does not get to vote at any meetings

  • Give Legal advice

  • Make decisions on behalf of the committee or body corporate

  • Hold any body corporate money in their own name (all money is in an account in the name of each body corporate)

  • Get paid interest for overdue levies (this goes to the body corporate)

  • Decide where the Body Corporate spends their money