Developer Services

Whether you are looking at building a new complex, or looking to strata title an existing building, our new business team can assist you.

Our professional new business team can offer expert advice from planning through to registration to ensure client’s Body Corporates are set up expeditiously, for a low cost and provide ease of management and minimal disputes in future.


By working with the developer, surveyors and legal advisers we can produce:-

  • draft Budgets;

  • draft Community Management Statement, including a calculation of the lot entitlements; and

  • An Administration Agreement;


for inclusion in off the plan contracts of sale.


We can also:

  • Provide a draft Community Management Statement in Word format to the developer’s solicitors for editing before     sealing and lodgement;

  • Offer expert advice on special by-laws;

  • Offer advice on exclusive use allocations and by-laws;

  • Offer advice on methods and implications of staging a development;

  • Obtain competitive insurance quotes and arrange such insurance;

  • Arrange for the reports required by legislation, such as an independent Insurance Valuation and Sinking Fund Forecast;

  • Provide Disclosure Statements and Information Certificates after registration;

  • Advise on common property issues;

  • Establish the books and records after registration; and

  • Arrange the first Extraordinary General Meeting and first Annual General Meeting of the body corporate in accordance with the legislation.


Types of buildings with which we can assist and manage:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Accommodation

  • Resorts

  • Staged developments

  • House developments/gated communities (with common property)

  • Mixed use developments

  • Retirement villages


If you would like to discuss the set up of your body corporate, please contact us.